Winter fun for the whole family!

New this winter, Cresco Bicycles now carries Redfeather snowshoes. Locally made in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Redfeather snowshoes are among the lightest available, and their quality is unsurpassed. Most of all, Redfeather remains focused on making the sport fun. (As it should be!)

The thing we love most about snowshoeing is that pretty much anyone can do it. If you can walk (and most of us have mastered that), you can snowshoe. Also, unlike cross country skiing where you might need a groomed trail, with snowshoes, if there’s snow…you can go!

Redfeather makes snowshoes for all ages (young kids through senior citizens) and activity levels—so whether you want to do a leisurely stroll on a snowy path, run after that 10-point buck in the field, and just stomp around in your own backyard, Redfeather has a shoe for you. Stop in and check out our full selection of snowshoes and poles.

Are you a Winter Person?

As we all know, winter in the Midwest can be long, cold, and snowy—why not embrace and enjoy it!?! Find out more about Redfeather’s Society for the Preservation of Winter People.

“Welcome, you who looks forward to the impending frigidity. You who sees vast fields of whiteness and says, Yippee. You who squeezes every last bit of fun from the marrow of each winter day. You are one of us. The Winter People. We wear snowshoes. We look good in puffy coats. We will rest next summer.”